License to Build: Phyllis Kim Earns Her RA

GBBN is pleased to announce that another member of our firm – Phyllis Kim (henceforth, “Phyllis Kim, RA”) – has passed all her architecture licensing requirements, and is now officially licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Becoming licensed is no small feat. It involves logging at least 3,740 hours of experience in six different practice areas (e.g., Project Management, Programming & Analysis, Construction & Evaluation, etc.) and passing a set of six corresponding exams. It’s a multiyear process, which Phyllis is happy to have finished. 

“I have one superpower, and that is the ability to become an architect,” Phyllis comments, “so why not finish that up and earn the license? Seriously, though, it was a process that expanded my understanding of different aspects of the profession… and it definitely tests your endurance.”

Phyllis also credits the study group at NOMA Pittsburgh—the National Organization of Minority Architects, which she is an active member of—for keeping her going. “I tend to retreat into my hovel to study,” Phyllis says, “so I wasn’t sure I’d like a study group, but I really appreciated sharing the experience with my colleagues at NOMA.”

Congratulations, Phyllis!

Learn more about Phyllis here. You can also read her insight, “Passive House Design: A Key to Sustainable Community Building,” here.