Samantha Essel-Addo

Learning to code cracked Sam’s world wide-open: That’s when she knew she could impact communities across the street or across the globe by helping organizations use technology to reach people and achieve their goals. As a programmer with GBBN’s in4mation group, Sam brings a passion for problem solving and the ability to quickly assess and understand client needs. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Sam is tri-lingual (she’s fluent in English, Ga-Ghana, and Twi Ghana) and a lover of travel and mentoring others.

News & Insights

“A growing passion of mine has been cooking. I try to challenge myself to cook without recipes and from taste memory. It allows me to be creative and be quick on my feet. I’m always thinking of what new meals I can create with ingredients that I already have in my kitchen.” – Samantha Essel-Addo