Thomas Gormley



Ask Thomas how he summited Mt. Rainier and he’ll tell you: step by step. Meticulous preparation, exacting documentation, collaboration, a passion for detail, and the ability to creatively deal with obstacles also helped. Tom brings the same traits to his work at GBBN, where he plays an integral role in complex projects of all types and sizes, from the University of Kentucky’s 1.2 million square foot Patient Care Facility and new 70-bed NICU to urban mixed-used projects like the Duke Energy Center.

Professional Highlights

Conference Member, St. Vincent de Paul

News & Insights

"This is a selfie of me on the summit of Mt. Rainier in 2017. In 2016, when I decided to fulfill this dream, a friend gave me the book “No Shortcuts to the Top.” Boy were they right! I spent the better part of a year training and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I had no idea with all the intangibles of weather and altitude, if my team or I would reach the summit. I did know that I had properly prepared and had a plan for success!" - Thomas Gormley