The Cheese Wall

Vanke Co., Ltd, Research Base

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DongGuan, Guangdong Province, China | 49,750 SF

Vanke’s building technology research campus showcases a humble material’s endless versatility.

Located approximately 30 miles from Shenzhen, this research campus serves as a testing ground and mock-up space for Vanke, one of the world’s largest housing developers. Constantly innovating new ways to use concrete, Vanke wanted the offices at their research campus to showcase the leading edge of a familiar building material.

Site Plan

To help withstand earthquakes, the panels incorporate a Japanese-style pre-cast system. Originally conceived as office space, the building became so popular with visitors that it’s now a dedicated exhibition center.

The main feature, playfully referred to as “the cheese wall” is made of a series of panels fabricated in Vanke’s own on-site lab. Circular portals and a hand polished surface that mimics metal’s black sheen highlight the surprising versatility of concrete.

AIA Ohio Design Award

AIA Kentucky Merit Award

AIA Cincinnati Honor Award