Amy Kalar


With a love of architecture that is rooted in its ability to elicit an emotional response, Amy designs healthcare spaces that provide comfort and support to those who inhabit them. As a medical planner, Amy delights in the complexity of healthcare design – the extra layer of regulatory requirements, the changing technological landscape, and the existing spaces that shape the design. It’s a complicated puzzle, but, guided by a deep concern for the client and those who will use the space, Amy sees how it all fits together.

A strong advocate for women in the profession, Amy co-founded the AIA MN Women in Architecture Committee and has traveled the country speaking on ways to attract and retain women in architecture. Outside the office, Amy unwinds with reading, running, and connecting with friends and family.

Professional Highlights

AIA National Young Architect Award

Building Design + Construction 40 under 40 Award

Speaker, “The Ethics of Diversity,” AIA MN Conference on Architecture

Speaker, “A Comparative Analysis of Clinic Layouts: Linear Vs. On-Stage/Off-Stage,” Health Facilities Symposium

Speaker, “Establishing the Business Case for Women in Architecture,” AIA National Conference

News & Insights

Woman standing by water "Icelandic laughter." - Amy Kalar