Cassidy Staver



Architecture is Cassidy’s passion, but she’s a deft maker across many forms: Give her some wood, steel, paint, or fabric and she’s bound to explore a recent idea. A self-proclaimed people-person, Cassidy loves working with a team to find a design solution and make it real, and working closely with clients to encourage honest, straightforward communication.

Professional Highlights

Graduate, YWCA Rising Star Program

Founding board member and Health & Growth Lead, eWhiz International Tutoring

News & Insights

“My homeland says so much about my core, what restores me and what inspires me. Every act of making is simply an attempt to recreate this effortless beauty: a deep breath of crisp fall air, the warming cast of the sun, a trail that’s never the same, and a ride that can never be predicted.” – Cassidy Staver