Charlotte Horseman

Director of Research

Drawn to the blend of art and science involved in market research, Charlotte values the ability to test a hypothesis with hard data, but she is also keenly aware that seeing the whole story—the whole world of possibility—requires interpretation. Faced with a broad field of information, Charlotte’s strength lies in her ability to determine what’s important, make connections, and synthesize disparate datapoints into a perspective that supports teams decision-making. As GBBN’s Director of Research, Charlotte works with colleagues from across the firm to foster individual research capabilities and promote a firm-wide culture of research. Throughout the year, Charlotte finds respite and renewal in long walks through natural environments, though on spring and summer weekends, you will find her with family cheering on her son’s baseball team.

Professional Highlights

Certified Moderator for Qualitative Research, Burke Institute

"A snapshot of Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral I took from the Hotel National in Moscow. When I travel, I try to walk everywhere to see as much as I can. My first visit to Moscow was in winter, and it was never above -10° Celsius (15° F). I was frozen but determined to see every church and museum I could." - Charlotte Horseman