Sayali Wazalwar


As a graduate student, learned how using lean principles to improve efficiency at one U.S. hospital also improved prognosis for cancer patients receiving treatment there. That cemented her belief that architecture and design have the power to heal. From small clinics to complex research hospital campuses, she is driven by curiosity and responsibility, seeing every project as an opportunity to change patient outcomes for the better. Sayali’s sense of proportion and art hits in the kitchen, too, where she loves experimenting with spices.

Professional Highlights

Silver Medal, “Rehabilitation Center,” Healthcare Planning, Design and Construction Summit Student Challenge, Orlando, Florida

Honorary Mention, Union of International Architects’ Healthcare Future 2025 Competition

Recipient, Pidlite Award for Excellence in Architectural Studies

Presenter, “24 Hour Architecture: Designing for the Whole Person,” AIA Ohio

News & Insights

“Cooking has taught me a lot of values - the importance of balance and proportion and the beauty of each of the flavors we come across in life. It makes me realize that life is so endlessly delicious.” – Sayali Wazalwar