A Community of Care

TriHealth, Harold M. and Eugenia S. Thomas Comprehensive Care

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Cincinnati, Oh | 140,000 SF

Transforming treatment at a new comprehensive medical center.

Harold M. and Eugenia S. Thomas Comprehensive Care Center is reimagining cancer and cardiac care delivery by putting the patient at the center of a multi-disciplinary treatment and support universe. The Thomas Center brings specialists and services for heart, imaging, and cancer care together in a facility that will also house the Mary Jo Cropper Family Center for Breast Care.

Perforated wall rendering
Perforated wall model

Radiation—traditionally consigned to a building’s lowest level—gets liberated to the ground floor, giving patients access to more natural light. It also places radiologists closer to the rest of the care team. Financial, psychiatric, genetic, and other support services are arrayed around a central atrium so patients can see the kinds of tools available to them throughout their treatment. The Center will also feature a community kitchen—a place to learn the positive effects healthy cooking and eating have on recovery and well-being. The Center features landscaped exterior gardens and an interior wall of living foliage brings the outdoors inside. Infusion patients have their own dedicated viewing garden and terrace.


The design empowers people to choose how to spend their waiting time. They may want to check email, make calls, engage the different support services available, or just relax. Giving people choices puts them in control so waiting time is not wasted time.