Treating Burnout: How to Make Space Work for Healthcare Providers


Patients never enter many of the workspaces that are found within a healthcare setting, but all affect their care. In their presentation to the Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction Conference, Angela Mazzi, Erin Schmidt, and Melissa Dulisse explained how better workplaces for healthcare providers improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes. Using “right spacing” strategies, designers can provide a variety of different spaces to support the real world needs of healthcare staff. This improves collaboration and education, job performance and retention, and decreases staff burnout – all while enhancing patients’ experience.

Good design. Happier staff. Healthier patients.

“When you invest in your staff workspace, you empower healthcare providers to fight fatigue, reduce errors, and make better care decisions,” says Angela. “What will it cost you not to rethink your work environment?”

See the presentation here.