License to Build: Sarah Kusuma Rubritz earns RA


GBBN is pleased to announce that Sarah Kusuma Rubritz has passed all her architecture licensing requirements and is now an officially licensed architect in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Becoming licensed is a long and rigorous process. It involves logging at least 3,740 hours of experience in six different practice areas (e.g., Project Management, Programming & Analysis, Construction & Evaluation, etc.) and passing a set of six corresponding exams. It’s a multiyear endeavor, which Sarah is happy to have finished. 

“Like starting any journey, it’s daunting at the beginning, but by the end there are so many more possible paths. I went for it as a way of proving to myself that I could do it,” says Sarah of her decision to pursue licensure. “My project experience at GBBN, especially University of Pittsburgh’s Hillman Library, helped me pass the exams.”

Congratulations, Sarah! Learn more about her here.

Read more about the University of Pittsburgh’s Hillman Library.