Matt Nett Named to Board of ACE Mentor Louisville


Matt Nett has been named to the Board of Directors for ACE Mentor, Louisville.

“ACE is a wonderful opportunity to engage with young and talented individuals and provide an opportunity to learn about the AEC industry,” says Matt, who has been involved as a mentor at Jeffersonville High School for 10 years. In that time, ACE Mentor Louisville’s partnerships have grown from three schools to six. While continuing to work with students as an ACE mentor, Matt is looking forward to helping ACE in its efforts to grow a more inclusive profession by connecting with racially and economically diverse groups of students across the Jefferson County Public School District.

Through ACE, mentors in architecture, construction, and engineering meet with students throughout the school year. The program kicks off every August and rolls out with mentors making presentations about their respective industries and familiarizing the students with tools and terminology. The second semester is spent working together on a small, student proposed project.

One of the reasons Matt got involved with ACE Mentor was the lack of opportunities he had to learn about architecture, construction, and engineering in high school. “I recall my time from high school there weren’t opportunities to dig into architecture and/or engineering. Yet when applying for universities and colleges I was expected to jump right in and decide on a path. This program offers some exposure to the industry at the high school level and gives students a feel for what they can expect down the road if they are to pursue this career path. And we like to have a bit of fun too!”

Congratulations Matt!

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