Tiffany Broyles Yost Talks Louisville Sustainability Summit with WFMP’s Sustainability Now!


GBBN’s Director of Sustainability & Resilience, Tiffany Broyles Yost, recently dropped by the studio at WFMP to chat with Sustainability Now! host, Justin Mog. Joined by Julie Donna, Louisville Metro Government Sustainability Coordinator, Tiffany and Julie discussed the 8th Annual Louisville Sustainability Summit, which they are co-organizing.

The theme for this year’s summit is “Powering the Movement: Building Community to Fight Climate Change,” and it will feature panels of local and national figures who are organizing meaningful responses to climate change in the places where they live and work.

As Tiffany puts it, the question that the conference is organized around is, “How do you address an existential crisis like climate change—a global problem—on a local level?”

The virtual, one-day event will kick off with keynote speaker, Jasmine Crowe—founder of Goodr, a company that is finding innovative ways to reduce food waste and fight hunger—in conversation with Tiffany. That will be followed by a panel of Kentucky-based organizers who are working to empower local communities to fight for climate action and a panel discussion of what businesses can do to accelerate climate action.

The Louisville Sustainability Summit is happening on Wednesday, November 10th. Learn more and register here.

To learn more about the event  and the Louisville Sustainability Council, listen to Tiffany and Julie’s interview here or visit the Louisville Sustainability Council.