Shaping Space for an Engine of the Arts

ArtsWave, Workplace Renovation

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Cincinnati, OH | 9,600 SF

Artswave’s work has a big impact on the arts throughout Cincinnati. A workplace renovation enhances their street presence and visibility in the community.
Enhanced technology and flexibility help make ArtsWave's conference/community room adaptable to different sized groups.

An engine for the arts in greater Cincinnati, Ohio, ArtsWave supports artists and projects through funding, service, and advocacy. Goals for their workplace refresh included enhancing their visibility in the community, providing employees with a balance of social and focus space, and creating an inviting and inclusive environment that reflects the catalyzing impact ArtsWave has on the city.

Reorienting the office's central stair helped create an inviting entry that connects to the street.
On the second floor, the stair helps create a sense of arrival for employees and guests.

As good stewards of their design budget we found a single stroke—reorienting their existing central stair— that addressed several goals at once. Repositioning this one element helps invite people through the space, makes the first floor more welcoming and usable, creates a sense of arrival on the second floor, and paves the way for more functional, daylit employee workspace. The office’s existing raised floors were reused, as were existing doors. New product selections were chosen for their sustainability, including Interface carpet and a recycled glass countertop for the reception desk.

Using computational design and fabrication, the wave wall helps ArtsWave take environmental graphics to another level. The resulting piece creates depth and visual flow while also using material efficiently.

The custom Wave Wall helps ArtsWave go beyond surface graphics to evoke their brand through impactful architectural expression.

Working on a tight schedule to complete the renovation before BLINK—an ArtsWave sponsored, nationally recognized public art festival where creative lighting installations draw millions of visitors to the city—we helped express their brand through architecture including a unique ‘wave’ feature wall. By partnering with Intermedio, a local collaborative arts studio, we crafted a one-of-a-kind, permanent light installation that helps give the ArtsWave workplace more street presence.

Intermedio helped us craft a custom light installation that creates impact inside the office and expresses ArtsWave mission of working with local artists.
Intermedio's dynamic light installation helps amplify ArtsWave's street presence and can be programmed to change colors and pulse at different rhythms.

As with most non-profit organizations, every dollar is hard won. We helped ArtsWave uncover how to invest their renovation budget so it could have the biggest impact as they work to fund the arts and fuel change in the community.

The renovation considered acoustic privacy, the ability to do focus work, and the taking of video conference calls. Insertions like these provide privacy and visual connectivity.