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Carnegie Mellon University, Hamerschlag Hall Renovation

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Pittsburgh, PA | 38,000 SF Renovation

The term ‘maker space’ has become increasingly common, but the work of CMU’s engineering students and faculty is anything but ordinary.

Using 3D printers to create artificial heart valves and titanium powder to rapid prototype metal plates to repair skull fractures, the research engineers at CMU’s Hamerschlag Hall do what cannot be done with the human hand alone.

3D Models of the CMU Maker Space

To ensure this iconic,100-year-old building remained as forward looking as its inhabitants, we created a digital, three-dimensional building model that exposed hidden issues from its past and revealed possibilities for its future.

Pre-Renovation Machine Shop
Post-Renovation Machine Shop
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In particular, the rate of research output has increased dramatically, the facility is being used extensively for hands-on graduate-level instruction…

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- Luke Scime, Journal of The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society

Graduate office spaces organized around an open plan support both intense, individual focus, and create opportunity for purposeful interaction and serendipitous inspiration that comes from collaborating across disciplines.

Designed to unleash the imagination, Hamerschlag Hall is part of CMU’s unique maker eco-system.

Graduate office space

Building Excellence Award