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Carnegie Mellon University, Graduate School of Design Studio

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Pittsburgh, PA | 7,000 SF

A transformed design studio supports the visionary work of Carnegie Mellon University graduate students

Data visualization at NASA; biomedical devices that make movement easier for the elderly and neurodegenerative patients; alleviating homelessness in our communities—Carnegie Mellon University Graduate School of Design students envision new solutions to issues that impact how we experience the world.

More than a place to work, the studio is a second home for graduate students. The redesigned spaces reflect the collaborative, multi-disciplinary way they learn and supports them 24-7.

Programmatic layout
Furniture layout
Artboard 1

I love the studio space. I particularly love the variety of seating and workspace options. That’s hugely important.

Artboard 1 copy
- CMU Graduate School of Design student from “An Evidence-Based Design approach for function, usability, emotion, and pleasure in studio redesign” by Peter Scupelli and Bruce Hanington

Four interconnected, open areas give students individual workstations, group work spaces, a kitchen and café for socializing, and a classroom for both active and distance learning. The glass overhead door can separate the classroom from the collaborative spaces as needed. Thanks to enhanced technology, visiting instructors can remotely link in to lead a seminar and teams can readily share screens.

A variety of seating options allow for a sense of place that can be unique to each student.

The Evidence Based Design approach we used has been the focus of numerous presentations. Since its transformation, the design of the space and its use has been widely presented and written about.

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