Infinite Possibilities

Vanke Co., Ltd, Infinity Exhibition Hall

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Beijing, China | 4,410 SF

The Vanke Company continuously upholds their vision to build “quality housing for ordinary people.” They also continuously look to bring their residents something extraordinary.
Transparency and the landscaping play pivotal roles in enticing patrons.

Vanke’s Infinity concept challenges the way residence towers are typically constructed and showcases the possibilities of free-flow floor plans. By eliminating interior structural walls, units can have nearly infinite configurations depending on the needs and size of the family living there.

Exploded View
Floor Plans

Designed to appeal to buyers who embrace the unknown, the red canopy of Infinity’s exhibition center reads like a gift—a surprise—waiting to be opened. The glass on the first floor gives a peek of what’s inside. The landscape frames the entrance and transparency opens up the ground floor, welcoming visitors from afar.

Infinity canopy

The double-skin curtain wall system of folding perforated metal panels works with the changing light throughout the day (and throughout the seasons) to conceal and reveal. Like wrapping paper on a gift box, this project reveals itself as you move through it.

The facade wraps the building.
Perforated facade detail

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Facade and canopy create a striking contrast with natural environment.