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TriHealth, Good Samaritan Hospital Master Facilities Plan

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Cincinnati, Ohio | Masterplan

TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital welcomes the future with warmth and kindness.
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After a century of operations and expansion at its current campus in Cincinnati, Good Samaritan Hospital faced some growing pains. In that time, the hospital as a whole gradually reoriented itself from Clifton Avenue toward Dixmyth Avenue, but its arrival sequence had not kept up. Facing Dixmyth and Martin Luther King Drive with an aging garage, its most public face does not express the warmth and humanism that distinguishes Good Samaritan’s patient care.

Plan Drawing A landscaped, pedestrian-friendly entry replaces an old garage on the hospital's most prominent corner.
A new six story building will consolidate services that were once spread across the campus while creating a new front door.

The building reveals the care providers within, opening up and welcoming the community as an expression of TriHealth Good Samaritan's humanistic approach to patient care.

GBBN’s Facilities Masterplan reorganizes the campus, in order to reflect the care and compassion found inside. The plan calls for replacing the current parking garage with one that is in a less prominent position. In place of the old garage, a new, six-story building will house an updated Emergency Department, the TriHealth Cancer Institute, a surgery center, a diagnostic center, and other out-patient services. Consolidating services that were once spread across campus, the new space will foster more collaborative, efficient care while easing wayfinding for patients. This will also open space to better organize departments within existing wings of the hospital.

New building rendering The new building extends on the look of the hospital's historic fabric in a distinctly modern way.

Transforming the delivery of care within the hospital, the new building offers an opportunity to greet visitors in a more open and welcoming way. Punctuated by large windows, a rhythmic façade will honor the hospital’s historic material while introducing distinctly modern elements. A curved, glass curtain wall dances between new and old buildings, like a stitch between past and future. A cantilevered corner, a canopy, and moments when the building steps back from the street will create a more welcoming scale for the hospital’s new front door.

With large expanses of glass, TriHealth Good Samaritan's new place of arrival greets visitors with warmth and welcome.