Eye-Catching Yet Intimate

TriHealth, Liberty Ambulatory Center

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Cincinnati, OH | 50,000 SF

With a sweeping roofline, canopy, and windows that dance across its façade, TriHealth Liberty is dynamic enough to act as a billboard for motorists along a busy, neighboring thoroughfare, but intimate enough to offer a warm welcome to patients.
TH Liberty Exterior Accent Image The canopy and glass entryway welcome patients with an easy, intuitive arrival.

Though it feels expansive from afar, upon entering the site, patients find a richly-textured concrete base that breaks the building down to a more human scale along with clearly delineated priority care and main entries that support an intimate, intuitive approach.

Priority Care Entrance Elevation and material changes clearly delineate the priority care entrance.
Close-up Exterior Concrete Texture Precast concrete panels add a texture and visual interest to the approach.

Designed to connect to nature, the circulation paths and shared waiting areas have been arranged around light-infused lobbies at the front of the building.

Though spacious, subtle details—lighting, furniture arrangements, and dropped ceilings—segment these areas to welcome patients into moments of intimacy.

Waiting Area Patients enjoy intimate moments in the sunlit lobby and waiting area.

Accents of blue stand out against the muted palette to assist with wayfinding, so whether patients are visiting their family doctor or going to physical therapy, their destination is clear. Folding nature into the space, a two story wall of living foliage—now a hallmark of TriHealth’s brand—marks the stairs and encourages patients to make the healthy choice of preferring stairs to elevator.

Every detail contributes to comfort and ease, alleviating the stress that often accompanies medical appointments.