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UK Healthcare, Albert B. Chandler Hospital, Interventional Radiology

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Lexington, KY | 50,000 SF

High-Tech Imaging Keeps Patients at the Center of UK HealthCare’s Vision of Care.
Capable of seamlessly integrating CT, angiography, and ultrasound images in a single procedure, the Nexaris Angio-CT gives Interventional Radiology staff unparalleled versatility responding to patient needs.

Offering less invasive alternatives to surgery, Interventional Radiology uses state of the art imaging technology—CT, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound (among others)—to treat a wide range of ailments. This results in less pain, lower costs, and quicker recovery times. The work done by UK HealthCare’s Interventional Radiology Specialists is high-tech and quickly evolving, but it remains grounded in patient-centered care.

Staff workspaces enjoy good sightlines and close proximity to prep and recovery rooms, enabling staff to respond to patient needs.

We worked with UK HealthCare to expand Interventional Radiology’s footprint at the Albert B. Chandler Hospital, so more patients can access services that enable them to recover more quickly. The design amplifies that increase in capacity with universal room design. Procedure rooms not only accommodate multiple specialties, but identical prep and recovery rooms allow the unit to flex to meet changing needs.

CT Room
Prep and Recovery Room

The layout also improves staff workflow by right-sizing rooms and creating the kinds of adjacencies—between patients and staff, supply storage and procedure rooms—that support their work processes.

The department layout eases the patient's journey by minimizing the distance from the waiting area to the Prep/Recovery Rooms.

Perhaps most importantly, the design prioritizes the experience of patients and their families by minimizing the distance between the waiting area and Prep/Recovery rooms, simplifying navigation for visitors, and easing access to hospital amenities. The aim is to remove sources of stress, so patients and their families can focus on healing.

This project was done in collaboration with HGA.

Varied seating options, intuitive wayfinding, and proximity to other hospital amenities create a comfortable waiting space.