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United Way of Greater Cincinnati

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Cincinnati, Ohio | 77,000 sf Renovation & 5,000 sf addition

Understanding and harnessing New Markets Tax Credits can mean the difference between office space and a workplace that inspires.
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By supporting the health, education, and financial stability of every person in the community, United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) provides a much-needed safety net for people who wouldn’t otherwise have one. Like many social profit organizations, UWGC prioritizes the people they serve over their own workspace.

Connecting Stair Construction
Connecting Stair

UWGC recognized that by renovating and expanding their historic headquarters building, they could achieve two key goals: improve internal team collaboration and bring new donors, community leaders, and volunteers into their story. Renovation would also enable UWGC to offer better quality workspace for their tenants—organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cincinnati and LISC Cincinnati—that occupy two floors of the building.

Access to views and daylight

We helped UWGC understand how New Markets Tax Credits could be used to fund the project, and guided them through the application process. With funding in place, we helped them envision workspace to support their mission. The LEED certified renovation includes a central open staircase—creating gathering hubs on the two floors UWGC occupies, enabling employees to get to each other quickly. Everyone benefits from shared views and daylight. With the addition of their Convening Center, UWGC regularly hosts meetings with a variety of outside groups—which gives them another way to share the impact UWGC makes in the lives of people in Greater Cincinnati.

Exterior with newly added convening center