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University of Kentucky, Tennis Facility

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Lexington, KY | 130,000 SF

Crafting a competitive edge for the
University of Kentucky’s new tennis center.
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It’s not about the racquet. Grit, perseverance, determination, commitment, and pure love of the game are what propel University of Kentucky players to win. GBBN is working with UK to design a tennis center that enhances long days on the court and gives their players a competitive edge.

Tennis is a game of controlled moments that build to a crescendo; inspired by these moments, we’re combining form, lighting, shadow, acoustics, and materials to help change the way the game is played and viewed at UK.

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Crafting the win starts the moment opponents arrive at a temple of tennis that conveys the legacy and prowess of UK; it continues during a journey to the court that takes them through UK’s Tennis Hall of Fame.

Putting spectators close to the sights and sounds of match play—the thwock of racquet against ball, the squeak of shoes, the sweat on the brow—heightens the engagement and energy that pass from fan to player and back again. We’re proud to help UK Athletics bring their tradition of excellence into their new tennis center.