In, Around, Under, Through

Vanke Co., Ltd, Guolizhuang

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Beijing, China | 20 Acres

A new housing development outside Beijing gives residents multiple ways to move around.
Master Plan View

Riding a wave of rapid urban expansion, this live/work development outside Beijing creates its own community by combining 1,600 studio and one-bedroom residential units, a hotel, retail, and office space.

Planning Strategy

The branching form of the building maximizes south facing views and daylight for residents; it also creates pockets of space for shared courtyards and parking. The elevated structures allow everyone to move easily throughout the campus, no matter the weather.

The mix of office and commercial areas create a hub of activity.

Circulation throughout the development leads to a central, sunken courtyard that provides for ample retail space around its perimeter. Like a village green for the 21st century, this public plaza is a connection point for residents, colleagues, merchants, and visitors.

Offices, retail, and hotel