Come join us for our 3rd Annual (DIS) Exhibit!

GBBN Architects announces its third annual Design Issues Series (DIS) exhibition entitled, Pre Fab Lab, an exploration of modular prefabrication and its effects on the urban landscape. Technological advances in prefabrication are revolutionizing the design and construction of buildings. Quality control, efficiency, and sustainability make modular prefabrication an increasingly popular method of delivering affordable housing that is both innovative and attractive.

To remain diverse, vibrant and resilient, cities have to be affordable. Prefabrication offers ways to address the critical shortage of affordable housing facing American cities. This year’s (DIS) exhibit dispels prefab’s lingering reputation as boring or cookie-cutter by showcasing its potential to create mixed income housing that combines sustainable construction and cutting edge design. Modern prefabrication techniques—like those used for Carmel Place, New York City’s first micro-unit apartment tower, the Star Apartments in Los Angeles, and GBBN’s St. Ambrose complex in Evanston—are already changing the way cities are built. 

Come immerse yourself in our Pre Fab Lab at each of the local exhibits:

November 3, from 6:00 - 9:00
5411 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Mick McNutt,


Wednesday, November 8
Round Table discussion on our Pre Fab Lab findings
609 West Main Street, Louisville, KY
Contact: Matt Nett,


About the Design Issues Series
GBBN Architects’ annual Design Issues Series (DIS) is a collaborative exhibition between all GBBN offices. As architects, we can sometimes find ourselves reacting exclusively to market forces. The goal of (DIS) is to step back, take notice, and represent a specific topic in a new light and foster lively and creative public discourse. (DIS) engages local stakeholders to advance our understanding and inform architectural solutions; it’s also an opportunity to invite the community to learn about and participate in our process. By overlapping architecture and community, (DIS) seeks to grow a culture of design. Past exhibitions have examined subjects like common space (C’mon Space! Whatcha Gonna Do For Me? 2016) and 21st century digital design tools (The Digital in Design and Making, 2015).