We work with visionaries to design solutions that

We combine creative tenacity, technical mastery, and a global perspective to deliver design solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. Together, we shorten the distance between medical breakthroughs and patient bedsides, set students up for success, connect audiences and artists, and inspire employees to do their best work. At GBBN, we see architecture as more than just buildings, because positively affecting people is the most important thing we do.

Design Talk: Willkommen

Design Talk: Cincinnati Ballet

Design Talk: Penn State Behrend

Design Talk: Baldwin Borough Public Library

Design Talk: Contemporary Craft

Whether through a monumental vista or a skyline view from your rooftop terrace, we create joyful moments that catch people by surprise, make them look twice, and reconsider how design can impact their lives.

The needs of our clients constantly evolve. We use our Design Expeditions and Design Issues Series to challenge our own perceptions and enrich our understanding of how space impacts people so we can help clients create the futures they envision.

We think spaces should do more for the people who use them. Theaters that anchor communities, workplaces that foster collaboration, libraries that spark engagement— these inspire artists, researchers, and students to do their best work.

We solve problems—like how to connect hospitalized kids to their own family pets or reduce disposable bottles in landfills—in new and transformative ways, liberating our clients to achieve their goals and envision new ones they couldn’t have imagined.

Working at GBBN

“We’re constantly trying to push ourselves. We’re never in a state where I feel like I’m idle.”

- Amanda Markovic

At GBBN, we get to partner with visionary organizations who drive innovation in their fields. We approach each day as a new opportunity to dig deep into the unknown to discover and deliver solutions that make a difference for our clients and communities. Our drive to advance design and positively impact people shows in our projects, processes, research, and development.