Informing Best Practice for NICU Design

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) contain some of the most vulnerable patient populations. Many NICU babies have little ability to regulate their bodily systems, heightening the importance of their immediate environment in their development. Support for this fragile patient population also extends to their families and caregivers.

In their presentation at Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo, GBBN Principal Tom Gormley, AIA; Jennifer Christmann, FACHE (former University of Kentucky Healthcare Director of Facilities Planning and Development); Mark Reckin (HGA); and Rebecca Kleinbaum Sanders, AIA (HGA) focused on the design process of moving from 48 open-bays to a 70 private-room NICU at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, UK HealthCare.

“Typical design stages were enhanced with the voice of the customer, evidence-based design, extreme schemes, and an ongoing pre and post research study,” says Tom. This presentation shares findings related to the design, activation, and research. “Careful attention was paid to lighting, acoustics and design elements that support neonatal needs, family needs, and staff work environment,” Tom says.

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