Optimize Your High Volume ED: GBBN Presents at HCD Conference

Hardin Memorial Hospital’s emergency department (ED) has the second highest patient volume in Kentucky. “High volume emergency departments have specialized needs to provide quality and efficient care while enhancing the patient experience,” says Jason. “The Ribbon concept we used to design Hardin Memorial’s ED permits flexible staffing and satisfies the providers’ desire for visualization of patients, and efficient access to supplies.”

In their presentation at the Healthcare Design Conference, GBBN Principal Jason Groneck and Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Vice-President and Chief Nursing Officer, Sharon Wright, broke down the design process.

“This project looked at ways to streamline the intake experience to reduce waiting times,” adds Jason. “From treat and street triage strategies that divert patients from entering an exam room at all, to results waiting areas for patients who have completed treatment, but aren’t ready for discharge.”

Learn more about how we helped Hardin Memorial Hospital by viewing Jason’s entire presentation here.