Sean Cottengim featured in KoozArch

“The medium through which we explore ideas has an impact on the ideas themselves,” GBBN’s Sean Cottengim tells KoozArch. “Even choosing to do an ink drawing versus a collage influences the concept being presented,” he says.

In a Q&A with KoozArch, Cottengim talks about how challenging drawing conventions can advance both storytelling and design, even if most clients (for now) don’t see these early explorations. “It’s about the spirit of the project,” says Cottengim.

Cottengim and fellow GBBNer Jay Studer have successfully teamed up on several drawing competitions, including Arch-Out-Loud’s Last House on Mulholland Drive, and Non-Architecture Competitions’ Binge. “Pushing the drawing envelope keeps us sharp,” says Studer. “There’s always something, whether it’s a new drawing technique, a new way of approaching a design problem, or using a piece of software in an unconventional way that we can bring into our work at GBBN.”

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