Bringing World Class Care Closer to Home for Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the nation’s leading pediatric healthcare system, has broken ground on a new medical office building that will bring world-class healthcare closer to home for children in Clermont County, Ohio.

Spanning two-stories and 110,000 square feet, Cincinnati Children’s Eastgate will include urgent care and an outpatient surgery center with four operating rooms—a first-of-its-kind offering on the East Side for the institution. The new facility will also offer laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray, and MRI, as well as occupational, physical, and sports therapies and mental health outpatient programs.

The building is designed and organized around the concept of Play Together in Nature. Combined with the strategic goal of bringing healthcare closer to home, the project celebrates the joy and comfort you can find in your own backyard. “The brick exterior will feel familiar and earthy, but also engaging and textured thanks to its patterns near the entrance,” explains Blaise Durio, part of the project team.

Inside, patients and families are welcomed into a lobby hub, around which different services and clinics are arrayed. “The interior space will feel embracing,” says Erin Schmidt, also part of the project team. “Soft rounded edges, the play of light the opportunity for physical movement in and around a central stair, and an interactive celestial ceiling, will all contribute to an experience that feels supportive, uplifting, and caring.” A polished concrete floor in the lobby and linoleum flooring in the clinic spaces add to the project’s sustainability because they will introduce fewer materials and chemicals into the project (versus vinyl flooring) and provide long-lasting durability.

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