Congratulations to our New Associate Principals

GBBN recently recognized the leadership of four employees who tirelessly push themselves, advance our work, support their colleagues, and drive positive change in our communities.

Ben Earls brings thoughtful discussions to fruition when challenges arise on projects and builds trust with his ability to see multiple perspectives. He does it all with a sense of calm and humor.

Adam Fosnaugh is a strong advocate for exceptional design and has built a reputation as a collaborator who brings both technical skill and creative problem solving to any challenge.

Beth Latto is a big picture thinker with the ability to detail feasible workplans and skillfully guide teams and clients through changes. Careful and deliberate in all her communications, Beth knows how to ask the right questions to build consensus.

Doug Richards deftly navigates challenges and leads teams to proactive solutions. His commitment to mentoring is felt throughout GBBN as he takes time to explain, coach, and teach throughout a project.

Congratulations to our new Associate Principals!