Equitable Health: Angela Mazzi is a Keynote Panelist

GBBN Principal and Senior Medical Planner, Angela Mazzi, was a keynote panelist in March at the International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care (HFES) in Chicago. HFES works to advance seamless connections between humans, and all they touch, across industries and professions. This annual HFES symposium brings together experts, researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals from around the world to discuss and exchange ideas about the ways humans interact with products, systems, and processes in healthcare contexts.

Angela served as a keynote panelist for “Equitable Health from Every Angle,” an interactive session that discussed the intersectionality of healthcare space design and how to provide spaces that deliver quality of care for patients, families, and staff, particularly how minority populations can be better served. She was joined in the discussion by Dr. Jay M. Behel, MD, of Rush Medical College and Elizabeth Papautsky, PhD, MS of the University of Illinois Chicago.

The discussion touched on alleviating stress in healthcare environments through a salutogenic design approach, as well as enhancing equity in healthcare spaces by understanding the economic, environmental, and social factors that impact how people experience healthcare environments.

“Whatever you’re doing, the space you’re doing it in can make your task easier or harder,” notes Angela. “Architects are dot connectors,” she says. “We make the connections between the things an organization wants to accomplish, and the way space can make those goals easier to achieve. Whether it’s operational efficiency, user experience, or equity goals, the design can provide resources that amplify those goals.”

See the presentation here.

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