GBBN’s Sustainability Action Plan

By signing the American Institute of Architects 2030 Commitment, we’ve pledged to design all our buildings to be net zero energy by 2030. We’re excited to share our Sustainability Action Plan–a concise guide to the specific steps we are taking to honor this commitment in our work, our company operations, and our communities.

Positively affecting people is the most important thing we do. Living this belief means creating and restoring buildings where people thrive. We recognize our responsibility to design a better world and we delight in the opportunity to shape our environment for the future.

At GBBN, we work with our clients to create strategic and visionary sustainability goals that align with the project budget and schedule. As part of our commitment to reduce carbon and eliminate waste, we strive for site-specific, regional approaches to design informed by research, rigorous analysis, and local conditions.

People are at their best in healthy and supportive environments. We’re acting on the AIA’s challenge and eager to collaborate with clients to create places that benefit both people and planet.

Read our Sustainability Action Plan here.