License to Build: Tyler Zembrodt Earns RA

GBBN is pleased to announce that Tyler Zembrodt has passed all his architecture licensing requirements and is now an officially licensed architect in the state of Ohio.

Becoming licensed takes dedication, focus, and stamina. It is a rigorous, multi-year endeavor requiring at least 3,740 hours of experience in six different practice areas (e.g. Project Management, Programming & Analysis, Construction & Evaluation, etc.) and passing a set of six corresponding exams. What put Tyler on the road to licensure?

“For me, success started with scheduling the exams, which gave me a deadline,” says Tyler. “Once on the calendar, it was a matter of just staying dedicated to studying, including lots and lots of practices exams, which helped familiarize me with the concept of the questions and the interface of the test. Scheduling my tests on Friday or Saturday mornings helped because it didn’t allow time for me to get in my own head over the weekend. Additionally, I think my experience in the field helped me understand the content.”

Feeling a sense of completion was also important for Tyler, who views certification as a kind of capstone to his undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture. He also found the exam process reinforced his approach to design. “I think I became more passionate about the simplicity of architecture,” he says. “Just doing things well, including, access to natural light, optimizing the location of a building on site, and finding sustainable opportunities in the design process. Licensure rekindled my yearning to master the art of shaping space, and make spaces that encourage community, creativity, and craft.”

Tyler’s work includes performing arts projects like the Andrew J Brady Music Center, the Emery Theater Renovation for The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, and innovation districts like Digital Futures.

Learn more about him here.