Make it a Double: Pittsburgh’s Wigle Whiskey Expands into Larger Space

A decade after opening the city’s first distillery since prohibition, Wigle Whiskey—located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District—is celebrating its success by doubling the size of its original location.

When the family-owned distillery was initially built, “it was not yet legal to sample and sell craft spirits to consumers” says co-owner, Meredith Meyer Grelli. The Meyer Grelli family would successfully lobby Pennsylvania to change that, but at the time, she says, “we wanted to operate in the most conservative amount of space possible.”

As a result, every space had to serve multiple purposes. But, as business took off, Wigle needed more room for production and programming. To accommodate this growth, Wigle purchased the property on which their distillery is located along with the building next door, allowing them to expand, building a new restaurant, bar, retail shop, and dedicated tour and event spaces.

“Expanding beyond Wigle’s original footprint (into the rest of the building and the adjacent one), the design needed to ensure that the three spaces felt connected, inviting, and intriguing,” says GBBN Associate Principal, Amanda Markovic. “To do so, we needed to overcome an elevation change, but by raising the bar and tasting room three feet and using a graphic strategy to pull people from one part to another, we created a cohesive space while opening better views in and out of the building’s large, arched windows.”

Wigle’s expanded space debuted right as temporary business closures went into effect to combat the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, the distillery is offering drive through service to meet your whiskey needs during these trying times.

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