Meet Our New Associate Principals

GBBN recently recognized the leadership of five employees whose passion and dedication advance our work, support our colleagues, and drive positive change in our communities:

Ben Barlage successfully leads project teams with strategic workplans that clearly articulate the responsibilities and expectations of all partners involved. A skilled communicator, he embraces diverse viewpoints and respectfully navigates differing opinions to find creative solutions that everyone can get behind.


Jessica Dole understands different learning styles and uses this knowledge to lead learning and mentorship programs at GBBN that support all employees on their professional development journeys. By directly addressing issues in a way that ensures all voices are respectfully heard, Jessica makes space for challenging conversations and guides them toward mutually beneficial outcomes.


Daniel Luegering skillfully integrates internal teams and external partners to ensure design and quality are elevated in our work. Danny thoughtfully considers multiple aspects of every project—design, financial impact to clients, relationship growth, and firm strategy—to achieve solutions that result in organizations continually seeking out our expertise again and again.


Eric Puryear gains the trust of clients and teammates thanks to careful listening, questioning the status quo, and providing deep design expertise. By examining challenges from multiple angles, he helps surface creative, thoughtful solutions that achieve project goals in unexpected ways.


Christopher Yost considers design across multiple project scales, analyzing how our work can positively impact the client, building occupants, and the broader community. An active, empathetic listener, he builds constructive dialogue around the promise of design to meet project goals while deepening connections to the communities in which we live.