Wenjie Xin Elected a Director of China’s Institute of Healthcare Facilities

The Institute of Healthcare Facilities (IHF) for the Architectural Society of China (ASC) has elected GBBN Principal Wenjie Xin as a director.

As China’s highest-level healthcare architecture society, the IHF shares the latest industry trends and design technology advances.

“As a director, I look forward to having the opportunity to share GBBN’s expertise and help influence the future of design and contribute to the development of healthcare design in China,” says Wenjie.

The IHF is made up of healthcare designers committed to promoting the development of healthcare projects; engaging in medical building technology research and development; and the promotion of professional academic groups. The organization works to foster innovation and collaboration, grow the field of healthcare construction talent, and contribute to the development of China’s medical building design.

Congratulations Wenjie!

Read more about Wenjie here.

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