Woot Woot! GBBN Wins Two Marketing Communications Awards!

The Society for Marketing Processional Services (SMPS), the national organization for marketing professionals who work in architecture, construction, and engineering, recently hosted their annual Marketing Communications Awards (MCAs) Program and GBBN was honored with two MCAs!

Holiday Piece – Print
To express our appreciation for our great clients, GBBN assembled, “Raise a Glass,” a holiday gift that was built around an employee-sourced mocktail/cocktail recipe book. The recipes featured employee favorites along with a personal note about the drink. The package was rounded out by a pair of walnut coasters that were sanded, etched, oiled, and assembled by GBBN employees and an infusion kit from InBooze, a Black-owned business based in Michigan. Citing the attention to detail and employee involvement with the gift, one juror commented, “What a great idea! I can well imagine each recipient’s delight when they open the gift. Beautifully done!”

Social Media – Blog
GBBN also won an MCA for our series of insights on “Retooling Innovation Districts for Medium-Sized Cities.” In this series of articles, GBBN’s Director of Higher Education, Zachary Zettler, and Director of Commercial & Workplace, Chad Burke, explored what it takes for an innovation district to be successful in small to medium-sized cities. Jurors were impressed by the clarity of the marketing strategy (its target audience, goals, and understanding of an untapped market opportunity) as well as its success in opening new publication and speaking opportunities. “It’s not easy to get picked up in (the Urban Land Institute’s) publications,” one juror commented, “so the fact that this was is a testament to the quality of the campaign.”

Thank you to the jurors and to SMPS for recognizing our marketing excellence this year. You can see all the award winners over at the SMPS MCA website.