Going Green

Vanke Co., Ltd, Firenze Exhibition Hall

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Beijing, China | 16,000 SF

How did we make a concrete cage feel like a light filled conservatory? With a bold concept, a thoughtful demolition strategy…
and a very large saw.
Firenze Before Construction

To help clients envision a future in their Firenze housing development Beijing Vanke wanted to transform an existing concrete building into a light, bright space that could support living walls of plants.

The BIG saw.
The giant saw (left) was used to cut into the concrete to create the ceilings slabs illustrated

A careful demolition strategy allowed us to remove the building’s stone façade, several concrete roof slabs, and two large beams to bring in natural light. An internal irrigation system waters the plants in the living walls.

Lines and layers informed the nine-foot wide arches that greet visitors; the mirror effect from the reflecting pool completes the arches loop.