Trash to Treasure

Carnegie Museum of Art, Service Enclosure

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Trash to Treasure | 2,000 SF

A simple illuminated box hides facility services in plain sight.
Service enclosure in proximity to the museum entrance and courtyard.

As the Carnegie Museum of Art has expanded over the years, their trash, recycling, and receiving facility ended up in a less than ideal location: at a highly visible and utilized courtyard and entrance for the Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Enclosure in construction.
Completed service enclosure.

Our solution—an elegant envelope—comes from a combination of metal and translucent panelling, which complements both the Carnegie Institute’s original 1907 Romanesque building and the 1970 Scaife Gallery addition designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes.

Illuminated at night, the enclosure becomes a glowing backdrop for the Museums’ many VIP and community events.

Enclosure exuding a soft glow
Detail of service enclosure panel
Hidden in plain sight