A Tradition of Compassion

Mercy Health, Kings Mills Hospital

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Mason, OH | 175,000 SF

Kings Mills Hospital embodies Mercy Health’s commitment to care.
Standing above the double-height glass entry, a cross gives subtle expression to Mercy Health's spiritual identity.

Built to serve unmet inpatient needs in the rapidly growing Northern Cincinnati suburbs, Kings Mills Hospital provides a peaceful, healing environment for its visitors.

Clad in metal, fiber reinforced concrete panels and glass, the new hospital looks crisp and modern, yet it gives subtle expression to Mercy Health’s spiritual identity and mission. Quietly integrated into the façade, a cross stands above the double-height glass wall of the main entrance. This opens to a welcoming, sunlit lobby whose vaulted wood ribs softly echo the interior of a gothic cathedral and a sculptural, wood stair that encourages physical activity.

Wood ribs within the hospital's atrium echo the interior of a gothic cathedral.
Wood, stone, light, and views of nature help reduce stress within the spacious atrium.

A hub of activity, the lobby connects the hospital on one side and a medical office building on the other. Through the glass curtain wall directly opposite the entrance, visitors find comfort in a tranquil courtyard (pictured at the top of this page) that nestles between the two buildings. Clear sightlines assist with wayfinding, easing patient anxiety as they seek out registration, their care provider, the chapel, or other destinations.

Directing emergency traffic to one side of the building, the main lobby serves both the new hospital and directly connects to a new, adjoining medical office building.

Designed with the wellbeing of its users in mind, the building’s configuration enables sweeping views from patient rooms and staff respite spaces while bringing natural light deep into its hallways and stairs. Its placement on the site will also allow for growth of the emergency, surgery, and imaging departments without disrupting operations. Departmental layouts throughout the hospital build on a system of prototypes GBBN has developed for the larger Bon Secours Mercy Health system which help ensure consistently efficient, calm, and hopeful environments.

The windows that bring natural light deep into the building during the day turn Mercy Health's Kings Mills Hospital into a beacon at night.