A Hotel with a Twist

Purple Jade, 390 Resort

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Changbai, China | 32,000 SF

In the Changbai Mountains, nestled amongst rice paddies, a new boutique hotel is taking (unusual) shape.
Lounge areas at the 390 will maximize views of the landscape.

Spiraling up from the ground, the 390 will feature 16 guest rooms set in a continuous spiral of linear space, allowing each room to offer a unique view (from a unique height) of the surrounding landscape. 

The 390's ground level lobby connects to nature by blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The 390’s overall structure is formed by a three-dimensional steel frame, 33 feet wide and 24 feet high. Half of the 390’s structure sits below the ground; the other half cantilevers 85 feet, without any supporting columns. A half-circular basement acts as structural counterweight.

The 390’s public spaces provide their own distinctive vantage points to picturesque rice paddies, the countryside, and a nearby lake. The main entry is underground, giving visitors an opportunity to experience a unique exhibit space adjacent to the lobby, before continuing their journey upwards. The route to their rooms or the restaurant takes them by the lobby bar, which is designed and placed to capture vistas and provide outdoor access; an expansive viewing frame at the spiral’s end offers a yet another visual perspective. 

The circular stair provides access to the rooftop walking ramp and activity platform.