Bringing the Outside In

First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University

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Kunming, China | 1,350,000 SF/1,000 Beds

A full-service medical center in southwest China keeps patients and staff connected to a gentle climate.

Nicknamed the Spring City, Kunming in southwest China has mild temperatures,
soft breezes, and plenty of sunshine all year long.

Multi-story hanging gardens between patient wings offer respite for patients and families.
Interior view of hanging garden courtyard

As many as 5,000 outpatients per day are welcomed at the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, greeted by a soaring five-story covered open-air concourse that links clinics, labs, imaging, surgery, testing, and procedure spaces. A variety of landscaped gardens and courtyards were designed to take advantage of the climate and to connect patients and visitors to nature on each of the facility’s 13 floors.

A distinctive branching lattice sunscreen system on the inpatient tower protects operable windows from direct light. Clinic buildings are shaded by a system of perforated screen panels and organized around courtyards that bring daylight and ventilation to all patient and staff spaces.

Patient stays include the company of family members who typically need to wash clothes and bedding.
Operable windows permit occupants to hang drying clothes, with drip pans as an added element of infection control.

This emphasis on environmental sensitivity extends to the landscaped green roof, which absorbs rainwater and gives patients a pleasing view.

A respite for patients, their family, and staff, the space gives a resort-like affect with its open balconies and lively views.