Light as a Feather

Tai Kang Group, Memorial Bridge

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Jiugongshan, Huairou, China | 107,639 SF

A bridge across China’s Jiugongshan Valley creates a destination for mourning and remembrance.

Tai Kang, a “whole life” insurance company, wanted to showcase the beauty and feng shui of the Jiugongshan Valley, one of Beijing’s largest cemetery. Many ancient Chinese myths depict departed loved ones crossing a bridge to another world; Memorial Bridge is designed to symbolize that delicate connection between life and death.

Located directly below the Great Wall, Memorial Bridge will give people a national destination for mourning, similar to Arlington National Cemetery in the United States.

Three spans are anchored by a central lobby; its feather-light appearance is achieved through supportive arches hidden within the structure.

When complete, Memorial Bridge will host private services and public events, and feature a Hall of Heroes and the Museum of Life.

The bridge’s roof plaza, level with the parking lot, is designed to be easily accessible and provide an additional observation area, enhancing visitor experience in this tranquil setting.