A Walk in the Woods

University of Louisville Physicians, Novak Center Connector Bridge

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Health, Creative Tenacity

Louisville, Ky | 1,894 SF

A bridge like no other helps reduce anxiety for children and families as they approach a new medical office building at the University of Louisville Physicians.
Rendering of cattail inspired installation
A patient’s journey to care starts well before they walk into an exam room.
Frame during fabrication
Frame installed on site
To help reduce anxiety for children and families as they arrive at the University of Louisville’s Novak Center for Children’s Health, we worked with the University of Louisville Physicians to design a pedestrian bridge that feels more like a treetop than a tunnel.
Across its 300-foot span are different zones to view the landscape below or see the supporting structural “branches” in the walls, floors, and ceiling.
The patterned glass that encloses the bridge creates a sense of dappled sunlight filtered through treetops; floor motifs evoke rippling water and lily pads. A gentle touch brings to life colorful LED displays inside benches, giving children and families moments of wonder and positive distraction on the way to the doctor’s office.

Project done in collaboration with Uzun+Case and Formations Studio, LLC.

The pattern applied to the bridge glass filtering light.