We are a multinational architectural design firm focused on innovating the essential building blocks of our communities - housing, healthcare, education, and cultural venues. At GBBN we are... Designing for Life

Our Work
We believe design is a strategic expertise in a global marketplace. We improve the lives of those who live, work, learn, and play in the environments we create, and improve the competitiveness of our clients. We combine localized expertise with a global perspective to create solutions never thought possible.

Our People
Our professionals collaborate globally across four offices, each sharing their innovations to improve the knowledge of the whole. Empowerment makes GBBN a magnet for the most talented design professionals in our industry. Experts attract experts, great work is born of passion and purpose.

Our Knowledge
Knowledge is our currency. In a global economy we are exposed to unique challenges as our clients face increasingly dynamic business forces. We integrate strategic planning, design, project delivery, and building management services to create solutions that stabilize our clients against those forces and improve performance.

Our Culture
Our culture is the result of the way we think and act, daily. We have a passionate concern for people and the environment. We believe in the power of diversity and celebrate success as a global family. Ultimately it's our entrepreneurial spirit that makes GBBN a unique place to work.