Designing with Intention: Brooke Behnfeldt in Healthcare Design Magazine

In a year of accelerated change, healthcare institutions are implementing design strategies that better address evolving employee needs and work styles. In a recent article about workplace design solutions for a hybrid world, Healthcare Design magazine turned to GBBN Principal Brooke Behnfeldt for insights. “In a crisis, there is a tendency to make quick decisions that can be reactionary, says Brooke. “With time comes perspective and the ability to think about the future differently. We have an opportunity to look at the things that worked well and to design them with intentionality into the space.”

This is true for clinical staff as well as administrative employees. The pandemic shone a bright light on the dedication and working conditions of practitioners, many of whom don’t have the option to work remotely. “Finding ways to give them better offstage/downtime kind of spaces and amenities will really be a priority coming out of this,” she says, citing things like separate lounges, respite space, and outdoor areas that are separated from patients and families. “It really allows them to turn it off for a moment. Ultimately, that’s one of the things that’s needed to help with burnout, which we’re seeing a tremendous amount of in healthcare workers.”

Brooke shared her expertise on this and other workplace design issues, from dedicated telehealth spaces to creating equity around remote and in-person working environments. Read the full article here.

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