London (Re)Calling: New Book Commemorates GBBN’s Design Expedition in London

GBBN just released a book documenting the firm’s 2019 expedition to London.

The trip was part of an annual event called the Design Expedition (DX). Initiated in 2015, DX promotes a culture of design excellence by taking a cross section of GBBN employees to research, explore, and discuss architecturally significant buildings and compelling spaces outside of our home cities.

While past DX’s have taken us to Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Toronto, 2019 was the first DX outside of North America.

Why London? A dense, cosmopolitan city, London has given rise to a number of uncommon partnerships that have resulted in beautiful, compelling spaces. DX19 went to London to explore those spaces and the conditions that produced them.

From deeply humanizing support spaces for cancer patients (the Maggie’s Centres) to a decommissioned power plant-turned-museum (Tate Modern), you can retrace our footsteps to some of the most striking designs of London here.

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