Meet Our New Associate Principals

GBBN recently recognized the leadership of five employees who tirelessly push themselves, advance our work, support their colleagues, and drive positive change in our communities. Congratulations to our new Associate Principals!

Shawn Feigh juggles complex situations, diverse team skills, schedules, attitudes, and deadlines to keep projects running smoothly and on time.

Ted Huster continually works toward the best design solutions by remaining diligent, organized, and personable as he brings teams into alignment and moves projects forward.

Greg Pinter connects strategic and tactical dots to keep teams informed and engaged throughout projects.

Matthew Plecity finds the common ground necessary for project teams to do their best work and creates positive energy while achieving bold goals.

Scott Vidourek pushes for design quality no matter the constraint, challenge, or budget and continually ensures his teams are aligned and working well together.