Screen Time Hits the Page

Back in 2019, before the pandemic forced many people to increase the amount of time they spend in front of screens – working-from-home, schooling-from-home, drinking-with-friends-from-home…– GBBN’s Design Issues Series (DIS) explored the role of screens in our built environment.

Observing screens have become so woven into the fabric of our built environment that they seem less like objects within it than an integral part of it, GBBN’s DIS team designed, “Screen Time,” a crowdsourced, interactive exhibit to explore how screens are shaping our experience.

Using a simple, repeatable template that could be projected onto corresponding surfaces at different scales, the team gathered hundreds of submissions from designers, students, artists, and children to share in a traveling exhibit.

It was beautiful. And now you can read all about it here in our self-published book, which describes how it came together and what we learned in the process.

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