‘Watershed’ Book Documents Environmental Justice Issues

GBBN recently released a book documenting our 2022 Design Issues Series (DIS). An annual interoffice exhibit, each year (DIS) enables GBBN’s designers to take a step back and explore global design issues that affect the communities in which we work.

Growing out of (DIS) 2021’s Environmental Justice Symposium, (DIS) Watershed examined how human decisions shape the flow of water across our cities, sometimes causing disproportionate environmental harms for disadvantaged communities. Coalescing around a series of collaborations with community organizations, the project documented issues with stormwater runoff, sewer backups, and tree canopy.

Observing that inequality is so engrained in the built environment, it can be predictably mapped out from city to city, the (DIS) book also emphasizes grassroots efforts to advance equity, sustainability, resilience, and environmental justice in the places where we live.

Read the book here. Learn more about (DIS) here.